¿What is a J.O.C?

Currently, there is an evident lack of training during the period of time between the completion of integrated airline pilot courses and the access into a company in which JET type airplanes, such as the A320 and the B737, are flown.

To fill this gap, absolutely essential according to the market’s needs, at SimLoc we have developed a "Jet Orientation Course" (J.O.C) that provides advanced additional training to the future pilots of this type of aircrafts.


  • Flights can be performed in both simulators, the Airbus type A320 SR Full Motion or the Boeing type B737 SR, comparable to those used by main airline companies in skill exams.
  • Our trainers are professionally active pilots with thousands of flight hours and great experience in operating procedures. Also, as highly qualified experts, they are the ideal mentors to successfully guide the future of the professional pilot.
  • Students have all the necessary documentation to continue the Jet Orientation Course (J.O.C) during ground and flight sessions.

¿What does the course consist of?

The J.O.C is developed in three days of top activity which are divided into theoretical and practical sessions.


8 sessions of 45 minutes:


  • Main aircraft systems. Two sessions on the aircraft systems: (electric, hydraulic, etc...). The necessary documentation for the in-depth study of the different areas will be provided.
  • Operating procedures. Two sessions where the A320/B737 standard procedures will be covered.
  • Emergency procedures. Two sessions in which all the necessary requirements will be analyzed in both models (A320/B737).
  • Airbus/Boeing procedures and operating flows. Two sessions will be delivered to analyze both, manufacturer’s standard procedures, and operating flows.


10 sessions on simulator; 1 hour each


  • Ten simulator sessions, adapted to the theoretical part of the course. They begin with 30 minutes of cabin "briefing" plus operating time as “Pilot Flying” (PF).


1 Pilot

10 hours PF: 1.490€.

2 Pilots

5 hours PF+5PM: 1.090€/per  person*.

*You share theoretical and practical sessions in you choose doing the J.O.C in couple,doing each one 5 hours of flying pilot and another 5 of PM.

Certificate of successful completion of the JOC course, from 
SimLoc Research S.L.

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